The Process

Stephanie Taylor’s famous furniture is the product of years of devotion to the perfect process for each piece.

Tree Processing

She carefully selects and fashions the stump or root ball stumps from solid tree rounds. She purposefully selects pieces with

She purposefully selects pieces with character for the distinctive look from all different landscapes.

Tree Preservation

Curing for drying the wood can take several years.

The wood is heated to reduce the moisture content and to preserve the wood. The heat kills the insect and fungi organisms that lead to the deterioration of the wood.

Stumps Curing to become Coffee Tables

Quality Finishes

Each piece is either carefully sanded for the desired smooth and sleek look or sanded with hand sanding between the coats. The sealant hardens the surface and stabilizes any minor deterioration. Because her hands are literally in every step of the process – from tree salvage, to saw milling and drying, careful selection of materials, all the way through meticulously applied finishes, she maintains an intimate relationship with each specimen.And yes, these beautiful objects are for everyday use.